Try Jesus

Try Jesus Course

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  • This new TRY JESUS Course takes you on a very contemporary journey through the ancient Biblical writings.
  • Discover the heart of The Man whose life made such a huge impact on history!
  • Investigate His Messianic claims and teachings in this 20 topic series.
  • Modern culture and current musical themes are woven together in this innovative introduction to the Man of History.

What one Student told us...

"I loved doing the lessons. I find they have a great balance of contemporary material, Bible references, graphics and questions that make them easy to concentrate on."
RL, NSW, Australia.

"Through this course, I have totally changed my life, because through you I have truly found Jesus and God... you have all given me the most precious and greatest gift of all, the gift of coming to know Jesus and God. With all my heart - Thankyou!"
KD, QLD, Australia.

Study Topics in the Try Jesus Course

Evidences For The Supernatural

01. Jesus. Who Is this Man?
02. The Bible. Can You Trust It?

The Problem

03. Where Did I Come From?
04. What's Wrong With The World?
05. Where Did Evil Come From?

The Solution

06. The Theme of the Bible
07. Acquitted!
08. Get In The Wheelbarrow!

Your Relationship With God

09. You Can Talk To God
10. I Will Never Leave You

Your Future

11. God's Window Into The Future
12. The Second Coming Of Jesus
13. What Happens After Jesus Comes?
14. What and Where is Heaven - Does it Exist?
15. Jesus' Guarantee of Victory Over Death

God's Standard of Righteousness

16. A Framework for Freedom and Happiness
17. A Day to Remember

The Future of the World

18. The Last Message of Hope to the World
19. The Coming World Dictator. Who Will It Be?
20. Armageddon

Christian Living

21. Bringing People To Jesus
22. Good News About Health
23. Entering Into a Relationship With Jesus
24. Stand Up and Be Counted