Teach Me To Pray


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Why learn about Prayer?

In a stressful world, we all need a connection to a higher power beyond ourselves. This course is to introduce you to a God who cares for you, and to show you how to talk with him through the power of personal prayer. This course will guide you into the life changing experience that prayer can bring into your life. Each topic will deepen your experience and will show you a loving God who is just longing to be a part of your life.

Study Topics in the Teach Me To Pray Course

What's Prayer About, Anyway?
Please, Show Me!
Who Am I Talking to?
What's in a Name?
The King is on his Throne!
Your Way – or My Way?
Doing it Tough in Hard Times!
Really Forgiven?
Lord, I Don’t Want To Go There!
From The Bottom Of My Heart

Useful links on Prayer: www.prayeronline.org.au