Taking Charge of Your Health

Healthy Heart & Bones Study Guide

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Why learn about Health?
We influence our health by how we live, work, and interact, with other people and with our environment. So our choice of behaviour will either enhance or endanger our health. The choice is yours - you can take control now and positively influence your health.

What one Student told us...

"I am thrilled to do this course ... I've changed my eating habits and started exercising. I’ve lost 20kg and by reading your course it has helped me to keep the weight off permanently. My whole family now benefits from a healthy lifestyle."
BH, New Zealand

Study Topics in the Taking Charge of Your Health Course

  1. Taking Charge of Your Health
  2. Eating Smart
  3. Healthy Heart Healthy Bones
  4. Active for Health
  5. Coping with Stress
  6. Your Choice: Why Do Drugs?
  7. No Butts About It - Smoking
  8. Healthy Weight
  9. Reduce The Risk - Cancer
  10. Plant Foods
  11. Healthy Families
  12. Healthy Self Esteem
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