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Author and field archaeologist, David Down, has written an exciting book, UNWRAPPING THE PHARAOH's, (published October, 2006). It is pictured above.

The following Book Review is from the Publisher - New Leaf Press, USA, which has just had to back to the presses to reprint another 20,000 copies as demand has exceeded supply.

"Enjoy a breathtaking journey through the pyramids and temples of Egypt with author and archaeologist David Down. Go deep into ancient tombs, discover the fascinating architecture and history of the pyramids, and experience Egyptian history in a way you never have before. From the ancient to the sacred, you cannot miss the opportunity to delve within the secret rooms of the pharaohs and find an astonishing connection to the Biblical timeline!

Adults and children alike have been fascinated with the Egyptian civilization for decades, but most modern archaeologists have lately tried to use Egyptian chronology to dispute the biblical record of Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus. Students from high school to the college level are faced with a challenge to their faith as teachers cite the traditional chronology as fact to discredit the biblical account of Exodus.

Those who wish to understand the accuracy of the Bible now have hope in this exciting new book that provides an accurate and compelling new chronology that confirms the Biblical account.

Co-author, John Ashton, was formerly University Lecturer in New Testament Studies, and Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford." - Publisher.

240 pages, with bonus 90 min DVD (Digging Up the Past DVD No. 1) from New Leaf Press.

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