Relationships & Parenting Skills

Relationships Course

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  • Did you know that for every $1000 this country spends on the cost of divorce, we spend a mere 12 cents on the crucial field of relationship education?
  • Most people do more training for their car licence than for their marriage licence - and we wonder why there’s such a road toll on the street of love! That’s crazy.
  • Psychological studies show that one of the greatest causes of happiness is a good relationship.
  • This course tackles topics for everyone - sex and money, anger and conflict.
  • Family issues (how not to kill your in-laws). We look at where people got their ideas about love (often it’s parents and movies – scary for some people).
  • We discuss the problem of ‘Why can’t you be more like me?
  • And listening skills which you think you have - but probably don’t!
  • The second section is on Parenting & Skills with Kids (topics 9-14), and is optional.
  • These last 7 topics cover different parenting styles, the five ways to show love, how to talk so children will listen, discipline, preventing addictions, etc.
  • This course empowers individuals to make real sense of where their relationships are going.

What one Student told us...

"I am 42 years old and originally signed up for this course due to my counselling interests. The studies have been extremely helpful both professionally and in terms of my own self-awarenenss and growth ... Thanks to the folks at Discovery for developing such a worthwhile course."
HS, Vic, Australia

Study Topics in the Relationships & Parenting Skills Course

Relationships (1-8)

1. Love, Romance and Reality
2. What Do You Expect?
3. Why Can't You be More Like Me?
4. Communication: How Misunderstandings Can Happen
5. Patterns Run in Families
6. Conflict Management
7. Intimacy and Sex
8. For Richer for Poorer: Love & Money

Parenting (9-14)

9. What Kind of Parent are You?
10. The Psychology of Love
11. Communicating with Your Children
12. Discipline: Love and Limits
13. Preventing Addiction
14. Successful Families