Light of the World

Light of the World

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  • A look at the Man who has had the greatest impact on human history.
  • Study about the real Jesus – the everyday Jesus of the street and the workplace.
  • Explore the life of this amazing Person, in over 25 unique topics.
  • This course has just been totally updated and redesigned in colour.

What one Student told us...

"What an absolutely wonderful course. I have so enjoyed it and I have learnt such an incredible amount about Jesus. In many ways I am so sorry that it is finished, but I still have my precious Bible and on every page of it I find Jesus ... I would be very interested in doing some of the other courses you offer..."
KD, Queensland.

Study Topics in the Light of the World Course

01. The World in which Jesus Lived
02. Baby of Bethlehem
03. Mystery of Emmanuel
04. Childhood and Youth of Jesus
05. Baptism of Jesus
06. Temptation in the Wilderness
07. Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples
08. Miracles of Christ
09. Jesus, The Sinners' Friend
10. Sermon on the Mount
11. Kingdom of God
12. The Master Man
13. Jesus, The Great Healer
14. All-Sufficient Saviour
15. Servant of Mankind
16. Faith and Teachings of Jesus
17. Jesus Unveils the Future
18. Jesus Teaches in Parables
19. The Good Shepherd
20. Preacher of Righteousness
21. In the Shadow of the Cross
22. The Trial and Condemnation of Jesus
23. Calvary
24. Jesus' Victory over Death
25. The Second Coming of Christ