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Q: Are the Discovery Courses only in the English language?
A: No. We have some in 7 other Languages as well.

Non-English Courses:

(Note: These Courses do not teach Languages!)

Here are 7 non-English Discovery Bible courses we currently offer:

  • Cambodian - Way of Life
  • Cambodian - Light of Hope
  • Chinese - Health
  • Chinese - Amazing Facts
  • Greek - Discover
  • Italian - The Bible Speaks I
  • Italian - The Bible Speaks II
  • Polish - Health
  • Polish - Discover
  • Russian - Amazing Discoveries
  • Spanish - Health

Our stock of the above free courses are available to residents of Australia and New Zealand only. This is due to high freight and postal charges.
If you live outside of Australia or New Zealand and you would like to do any of the non-English courses, then use the email form below and we will notify you of the Adventist Discovery Centre closest to you that offers that course or the equivalent, in that language.

Australian and New Zealand residents: To apply for the paper version: (Non-English): CONTACT US.
If you live outside Australia and New Zealand, and you want to receive your local region's Language Course catalogue, or more information: CONTACT US.

Internet Courses:

Our internet courses are currently only in English.
We also have a London based English website:
But many of the courses in languages other than English are already on the internet.

Single Language Sites:
The links beside the following languages will take you to their sites:

Multiple Language Sites:

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