Internet Courses - How do they Work?

Q: How do the Discovery Internet courses work?
A: You enrol in the Discovery course of your choice, and the course is done using professional e-learning software.


The Discovery Online courses operate in a secure site, requiring logon and password.
Why use a secure website?
To avoid internet security issues and provide a safe environment for student work and records.
These Internet Courses are designed to be dynamic and interactive and therefore warrant a high level of protection.

Try Before you Buy? - Yes!

Q: How can a student review the Internet Course without signing up and enrolling?
A: Yes, there are 2 main ways:

Each Course has a back-page where there are 4 buttons. To access - click on the Courses Icon on the Courses Homepage.

  1. Yellow: Click on the Yellow button to go on a single page Course Tour and access and preview some of the pages taken randomly from throughout the Internet Course.
  2. Green: The Green button says View Lesson 1 and allows a total preview of the first Lesson. (Note: Some Lessons were slightly modified to exist outside of their e-learning software system and so they do not have the same marking system or Quizzes found within the secure website.)

Privacy Issues

Q: Can a student enrol without revealing all their personal details in the enrolment form?
A: Yes!

The only required fields for information in the Internet Courses are a Username (which can be any word) and a valid email address.
However, the Correspondence Courses need more information for mailing to an address.
Internet courses are therefore more anonymous.

The Enrolment Process

Each online student has the opportunity to interact with their Instructor.
The constant growth of the site enables certain Courses to have streaming audio and video, as well as student instructor interaction.
To Enrol in an Online Course:

  1. Check out the online courses on offer on these pages.
  2. Decide whether you want to do the course by correspondence (hard copy) or online.
  3. When you have chosen the course you want to do online, click the ENROL button.
  4. This will bring up a registration form. Fill in the details, and press SUBMIT.
  5. You will be emailed a username and password to get started.

Don't Miss the Quiz!

After previewing via the Green button and enrolling in the Internet Course, remember to go straight to the end of the first Lesson and do the Quiz, called a "Review Exercise." It is fun and will be a good way of remembering the key points of the Lesson.

Login Process:

If the Online courses Enrolment email fails to arrive - check your spam or junk email folder.
When the email arrives you click on the blue hyperlink and that takes you straight into the Online Course.
This first time you gain access to the secure Online courses website, it is done automatically for you to start the online course, meaning you do not need to enter your Username and Password.
NOTE: The next time you need to get back to the Online Course you need to access the original portal site (see URL below) and put in your Username and Password. Here is the web address:

ADC Courses Logon Website (for Enrolled or Returning students):

Questions or problems?
Email: User Help-Desk