Q: Who will your Instructor be?
A: Whether you do a course by Correspondence (booklets sent via mail) or on the Internet, you will you will have the opportunity to interact with an instructor.



English courses:
There is a team of instructors. They are very busy with a current active enrolment of over 3,000 students in Australia and New Zealand. The same instructor may not respond to your Review Sheets each time. We manage 3,000 plus active students, allowing each student to work at their own pace. The Discovery Centre does not allocate particular Instructor's to students. It is easier for Instructor's to get to know more students when the work is shared, and the student may get to 'meet' all four Instructors before graduating from the course. Where possible, students' questions will be answered in note-form on the Review Sheets beside the question or comment. When lengthy questions are sent on separate pages, a fuller reply is given.


Foreign Language - Non-English courses:
Your Review Sheets will be forwarded to an instructor who speaks your language. They will mark your Review Sheets, respond to your questions and send you the next booklets in the course, with your marked Review Sheets. Click here to view a list of our non-English Language courses.


When you enrol in an Online course, you will be enrolled in an internet Group with an assigned Teacher. You will soon get to know him or her as you interact online. Your Instructor's picture will be online with the course you are doing. The Instructor's are competent in their work and committed to encouraging students with their study, and helping them discover as much as they can from the courses. If an Instructor feels unable to respond to a question, the question may be passed to a course consultant, or even to the actual author of the course, for an answer.
Group Guidelines
Although you are automatically placed within an online Group, based on the month you register, you will not view any other students, neither will they see you or your work. However, if you choose interaction with another student/s, you may do so via the Chat Rooms, or Forum features within the Internet courses themselves.