Groups - Internet Courses


When you enrol in an Online course, you will be enrolled in an internet Group with an assigned Teacher. You will soon get to know him or her as you interact online. Your Instructor's picture will be online with the course you are doing. The Instructor's are competent in their work and committed to encouraging students with their study, and helping them discover as much as they can from the courses. If an Instructor feels unable to respond to a question, the question may be passed to a course consultant, or even to the actual author of the course, for an answer.

Group Views, Format & Guidelines

After Internet enrolment you will be automatically placed into an internet Group, based on the month you register, but you will not view any other students, neither will they see you, or your work.  However, if you choose interaction with another student/s, you may do so via 3 main ways: There is an internal short messaging service; a Chat room, and a Forum, depending on which features are enabled within the Internet courses themselves.
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Groups - Correspondence Courses

Q: Can Courses be done in Groups? 
A: Yes.
But there are Guidelines and conditions for doing the Correspondence/paper courses in Groups.
Our course resources are provided free through Sponsorship, for the purposes of Correspondence.
However, when not done individually by Correspondence, a cost is incurred, see Resources - Buy Courses.


The following guidelines explain how multiple copies for use in groups (eg. in a small group meeting, or class context) can be obtained under the ‘Correspondence’ provision.

  1. We need the name and address of a person who will be committed and responsible to act as Group leader.
  2. The full course, including Review Sheets, is sent to the Group leader who is responsible for distributing, collecting and mailing the Review Sheets back to us.
  3. The Group Leader decides whether lessons are marked or reviewed locally.
  4. However, the completed Review Sheets must be sent to the Discovery Centre for checking and recording. The review sheets are then returned to the Group leader. There is no cost to the group or the students provided all Review Sheets are returned for our marking and recording.

To request some Course materials for use in a 'Groups only' setting:

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