Formats - Internet & Correspondence:

Q: Are Discovery courses available only by Correspondence?
A: No. 
They are available both by Correspondence (Paper format) and on the Internet (Digital format).

  • Paper Format:  Each lesson comes in a booklet.  Almost all booklets are full colour and accompanied by a Review Sheet. 
  • Booklets and Review Sheets are sent by post to the student.  Each mailing usually consists of two booklets.
  • Internet Format: These courses are reproduced exactly in electronic format, in the Internet or online courses.

Languages - Non-English:

However, our Discovery courses in non-English languages, are available in Australia and New Zealand only as hard copy or Correspondence courses, delivered by post, or mail.

Access the FAQ section Languages.

There are links there that will take you to Internet courses in other languages, not provided on this website.