Focus on Prophecy

Focus on Prophecy Course

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  • Enjoy riveting stories of God's deliverance of Daniel and his 3 companions.
  • Read and understand the great prophecies that relate to our world today.
  • Discover the real God of Deliverance.;
  • Journey through a fascinating chapter by chapter study of the Bible books of Daniel (topics 1-7) and Revelation (topics 8-20), showing us today how God really does still care for You!
  • This course is offered externally by Discover Online, USA.  Note that - Enrolment comes at the end of Lesson 1.
  • We recommend that you take the Discover Bible Lessons first, or Try Jesus, before you take these advanced Focus on Prophecy Lessons.

What our Students told us...

"I love to read my Bible...My interest in Prophecy is very deep. It's like a big jigsaw puzzle...I find it exciting, frightening, awesome and the ultimate truth of what's going to happen to us, our earth, our world and beyond."
JK, Queensland

"Since I do not fully understand the meaning of most Prophecies in Daniel and the Revelation, I decided to do this course - to understand better the plan of God...It also shows us how much our Creator loves and cares for us."
FS, New South Wales

"God's promises add up to one forceful point, He is going to win...It may be rough at times while this ultimate plan unfolds, but the ending is worth the wait."
WR, Western Australia

Study Topics in the Focus on Prophecy Course

Focus on Daniel

1. Bad Happens But God Provides
2. The Life & Times of Nebuchadnezzar
3. Running the Wrong Way!
4. Curtain to the Future
5. Right Wins
6. God Steps In
7. God Walks on Earth

Focus on Revelation

8. God Still Leads
9. Someone Cares About You
10. Someone Is in Charge
11. Adopted by the King
12. Jesus Wins!
13. God's Team Wins
14. Conspiracy to Murder
15. Future Warnings
16. Messages from the Angels
17. The End Is Near
18. Time Is Running Out
19. Is God Fair?
20. Home at Last