Discover Bible Course

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  • Where do we come from?
  • Why are we here?
  • Where are we going?
  • Covers 26 vital subjects.
  • This course is produced and hosted by Discover Online, USA.

What one Student told us...

"I have found the Discovery Series to be an amazing in-depth introduction to the life of Christ and how to be a follower of Christ and God...I found and still do find great strength from reading scripture and believing that there is a purpose to our life, no matter how bad things get. I think that is the main point of this course and it has given a me new purpose and meaning to life..."
EL, QLD, Australia

Study Topics in the Discover Bible Course

1. We can Believe in God
2. We can Believe the Bible
3. Does My Life Really Matter to God?
4. A Plan for Your Life
5. Bridge to a Satisfying Life
6. A Second Chance at Life
7. About Your Future
8. When Jesus Comes for You
9. Your Home In Heaven
10. How Soon Will Jesus Return?
11. Mysterious Power in my Life
12. An Ever Present Saviour
13. From Guilty Sinner to Forgiven Saint
14. The Secret of Answered Prayer
15. The Secret of Happiness
16.  The Secret of Heavenly Rest
17. The Secret of Growth Through Sharing
18.  The Secret of a Healthy Lifestyle
19. Entering the Christian Life
20.  The Secret of Growth Through Fellowship
21. Can the Majority Be Wrong?
22.  Is God Fair?
23. What and Where is Hell?
24.  When a Person Dies ... What Then?
25. Can I Find God's Church Today?
26. Does God Have a Special Message for Today?