Correspondence Courses - How do they Work?

*** Correspondence course applications for FREE Courses by Postal Mail are
available for Australian and New Zealand residents only.

You may purchase these Course Lessons for use anywhere in the World.  Go to For Sale page.

For individuals outside of Australia and New Zealand, please apply for the Online Courses

Q: How do Discovery Correspondence Courses work?
A: Basically the same as any Correspondence learning method.


  1. Discovery Instructors send two lesson booklets in each mail-out.
  2. When you receive your lesson booklets . . .
    1. Read and study the first booklet.
    2. Complete the short Review Sheet for that lesson.
        A student can refer back to the booklet until confident of the answers.
    3. Then read and study the next booklet, and complete its Review Sheet.
    4. Write your name on the Review Sheets, and post to the nearest Discovery Centre, in Australia or New Zealand. 
        You do not return the lesson booklets.


When we receive your Review Sheets, our Instructors:

  1. Give priority to marking and returning your lessons.
    Our aim is to turn-around student Correspondence booklets in under 24 hours.
  2. The next two booklets and Review Sheets are sent with your completed Review Sheets.
    This process is repeated until the Course is completed.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions - re Correspondence

  1. Feel free to ask questions. Instructors are meant to be of assistance.
  2. Students can progress at their own rate.
  3. Courses vary in length. One is just 8 lesson booklets, others have up to 24.
  4. The time taken from when you post your Review Sheets to when your next booklets arrive, depends on distance and postal services.  It varies from 7 days to 2 weeks.
  5. Students can do as many Courses as they like, but it is recommended that they only do one Course at a time.
  6. A Certificate of Recognition is given for satisfactory completion of each Course.
  7. Courses are free doing them by post or mail, if you live in Australia and New Zealand.