Q: Is there any Certificate available when the Course/s are completed?
A: Yes. 
The Discovery Centre acknowledges the satisfactory completion of each course with a Certificate of Recognition. 

  • Academic Credit.  Adventist Discovery Centre courses are offered to the public for personal growth and lifestyle enrichment, and not for accademic credit.

  • Agreement:  It is expected that not all students will agree with everything that is presented in the lessons.  When students do not agree with some content, this does not disqualify those students from receiving a certificate.

  • e-Certificates:  Students who complete online courses, will be issued with an electronic version of the certificate.

  • Lost Certificates:  If a students loses a certificate, a request for a replacement can be made within two years of completing the course.  If a student is inactive (ie. has not corresponded with the Adventist Discovery Centre) for two years or more, then the student name and contact details will be deleted from the Student Database. (Click here to access our ADC Privacy Policy).  If the Discovery Centre has no record of the student’s satisfactory completion of the course, then a replacement certificate will not be issued. If you need a replacement certificate, email us now to apply for your Certificate of Recognition.

  • Satisfactory completion: This means that all lessons in the Course have been done, Review Sheets attempted and the student has demonstrated an understanding of the content and application of the course.