Digging Up the Future

3. Digging Up the Future

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  • What really happened in old Pompeii?
  • Why didn't they heed the signs of their impending destruction?
  • This series explores in the greatest possible depth the Biblical records and the prophecies associated with the archaeological sites and artefacts.
  • DUTF covers 10 topics which include: The Roman Empire, The Phoenicians, Rites and Rituals, Seals and Marks & Diana of the Ephesians.
  • You must have completed Digging Up the Past & Digging Deeper, before doing this our most advanced course, Digging Up the Future.
  • Internet course being developed for future release.

What one Student told us...

"David Down's archaeology courses have removed any doubts I ever had relating to the truth in the Bible. The debate between evolution and Creation has given me the ability to challenge those who cast doubt on the Bible, and perhaps to be able to acknowledge my faith in Christ in front of others."
CN, Queensland

Study Topics in the Digging Up the Future Course

01. Pompeii - Signs of Destruction
02. The Sanctuary at Shiloh
03. The Elamites
04. The Roman Empire
05. Seals & Marks
06. Diana of the Ephesians
07. Corinth at the Crossroads
08. Rites and Rituals
09. The Phoenicians
10. Fire and Water