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Understanding the Login Process:

Automatic:  The first time you are enrolled it is done automatically.
Manual:  The second time you go back to continue the course you have to Logon manually.

ADC Courses Website Login - Manual Logon for Enrolled or Returning students. Please enter your assigned Username and Password into the Websites below.

We currently have 2 Courses websites, this one and where the actual Internet Courses are:  http://courses.discoverycourses.com

Questions or problems?
Email: User Help-Desk

AMN - Reception:    (02) 9847-2222.
INTERNATIONAL:   +613-9847-2222.

Read these instructions carefully:

Login Problems?

To give you access to our Courses anytime of the night or day, we have chosen an automatic registration or enrolment system. This is not done by ADC staff, but via proprietary system software. Occasionally problems arrive when the following process is not clearly understood. Please take a moment to read these instructions. If the Online courses Enrolment email fails to arrive - check your Spam or Junk Email folder.

When the auto-Enrolment email arrives you click on the blue hyperlink and that takes you straight into the Online Course. If it does not arrive - do not worry. Our Online Instructor will also email you with further details that help you access the information below. Remember that this Instructor email may take some time to arrive due to international date lines, public holidays and weekends. 

Gaining access to courses login website

This first time you gain access to the secure Online courses website, it is done automatically for you to start the online course, meaning you do not need to enter your Username and Password.

NOTE:  The next time you need to get back to the Online Course you need to access the original portal site (see URL below) and put in your Username and Password.  The web address (URL) is below - see blue hyperlink:

Returning students access to courses login - (a manual process)

Courses Logon Websites (for Enrolled or Returning students):