Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper Course

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  • Digging Deeper explores in greater depth the Biblical record and themes associated with the archaeological sites and artefacts.
  • DD is series 2 of 3 archaeological courses, which are a fascinating blend of modern history records together with the ancient Biblical writings.
  • This series has 11 topics which include: The Ancient Greeks, The Occult in Antiquity, The Boy King Tutankhamen and Medicine & Health Long Ago.
  • NOTE: You must have completed the introductory course - Digging Up the Past, before doing this intermediate course, Digging Deeper.

What some Students told us...

"This course has enabled me to answer those questions about Biblical history that have always caused some doubting in my heart."
CN, Queensland

"Thank you for the Diploma of Recognition. I enjoyed the series very much."
JM, Victoria

"I enjoyed this course greatly, and have gained a great deal of knowledge from studying 5 of your available courses."
DM, New South Wales

Study Topics in the Digging Deeper Course

1. The Ancient Greeks
2. Jerash
3. Before History Began
4. Mount Sinai
5. Capernaum
6. Four Great Empires
07. Burial Customs in Bible Lands
08. The Occult in Antiquity
09. Medicine and Health Long Ago
10. Coins in Antiquity
11. The Boy King Tutankhamen

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Archaeological Diggings Magazine

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