Digging Up the Past

David Down with Assyrian cylinder

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  • Become a modern-day Tomb Raider!
  • Venture down deep into the Great Civilisations. 
  • Discover the secrets of the panoramic pyramids.
  • Uncover the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs.
  • Investigate detailed ruins of the lost civilizations.
  • Written by field archaeologist, David Down, author of the recent book, Unwrapping the Pharaohs.
  • Enjoy a fascinating mix of history with the ancient Biblical records.
  • View over 1,260 digital photos of lands where the Bible story was lived. 
  • More advanced courses like Digging Deeper & Digging Up the Future follow on.
  • Review the 12 topics listed below covering 8 major ancient civilizations. 

What one Student told us...

"I really enjoyed doing these online studies and was frequently amazed at the historical and archaeological discoveries they presented. The online format is easy to use and very convenient."
AB, South New South Wales

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the guides. I find archaeology a fascinating and very mysterious subject. Reading the material actually took me back in time. I could feel the emotions and excitement of bygone eras. Absolutely spellbinding material . . . Thank you for an informative read!"
DS, Australia

Study Topics in the Digging Up the Past Course

1. Land of the Pyramids
2. The Egyptian Empire
3. The Hittites
4. Assyria
5. Babylon
6. The Neo-Babylonian Empire
07. The Medo-Persian Empire
08. The Sumerians
09. Petra
10. Israel
11. The Messiah in Prophecy and History
12. The Dead Sea Scrolls

Archaeological Diggings Magazine

Archaeological Diggings Magazine

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